Humbles Chips - Ideal snacks refused my injury claim caused by manufacturing process

Athens, Georgia 2 comments
Not resolved

I ate Humbles chips made by good health natural products.There was a lot of clumps of debre in the bottom of the bag.

I bit down on a very hard pellet which fractured my tooth. This necessitated a dental implant which cost me $4500.00. My claim with their insurance Co. QBE was passed off to Ideal snacks which is the company that bags the chips.

They sent the claim to CNA insurance and Mr Alan Carr denied my claim because I did not send them proof of what caused my injury. They are not acting in good faith. I should be compensated for my loss. No one will step up and act with integrity or take responsibility.Big companys should not be able to treat the public with such disregard.

I vow to start complaining everywhere that I can.Attorney generals, better business bureau,congressmen,etc.



My injury claim has yet to be resolved.The claims adjuster for QBE has tried to be help full and talked to the claims adjuster for CNA and she told me a month ago that he thought she had gotten him to change his point of view and agree to to pay my claim.

However Mr. Allen Carr of CNA insurance who insures ideal snacks, the manufacturer, has not followed through. I feel this is a case of Mr. Carr postponing as long as possible and looking for any excuse not to pay.

From my point of view it is as if I have been robbed of $5000.00 cash.

No different than than any other robbery the only difference is the means by which this chip company relieved me of my money it by causing my injury.:cry



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